How to Insert an Image in HTML from a Folder

How to Insert an Image in HTML from a Folder | The 10-Second Best Trick

How to insert an image in HTML from a folder, use the <img> tag and tell it where the image file is in the src attribute. The path can be either absolute or relative. Lets take example, if there is an picture called ‘example.jpg’ in a folder named ‘images’, you’d write:

<img src="images/example.jpg" alt="Description of image">

The alt attribute gives an alternative text for users who can’t see the image. Just replace ‘Description of image’ with a short description of the image.


HTML, which is short for HyperText Markup Language, is the standard technique we use to mark up or structure content for growing web pages. An extremely common assignment in HTML is to insert an image from a folder on a web page. This article is here to help you recognize the way how to insert an image in HTML from a folder into your HTML.

In the world of web development, images are not just things we add for looks therefore we would know how to insert an image in HTML from a folder. They are like strong tools that make users more interested, break up big chunks of text, and help share information better. So, knowing how to rightly put images in HTML is a basic skill every web developer should be really good at.

Understanding File Structure

Web development projects often include numerous files and directories. Having a well-organized folder structure is crucial, as it increases code maintainability and productivity. It’s common practice to have a dedicated folder for images, often named “images” or “assets.”

Preparation of Image Files

Before adding an Image in HTML from a Folder, it’s critical to make certain they’re web-friendly. JPEG, PNG, and GIF are broadly used on all web pages due to their assistance and balance between photo quality and file size. In addition, images must be the correct size and optimized for the network to ensure fast load times. Lastly, adhering to a consistent naming convention makes managing your image files easier and helps prevent broken links.

Basic HTML Image Tag to Insert an Image in HTML from a Folder

Img tags are used to embed images in an HTML document. The src attribute is used to specify the path to the image file. The alt attribute provides alternative text for screen readers or where the image fails to load. The width and height attributes are used to specify the dimensions of the image, but it is often better to control the size of the image using CSS.

Steps How to Insert an Image in HTML from a Folder

Step 1: Understand the HTML img Tag

The HTML img tag helps put a image on a web page. This tag needs certain things to work properly:

src: Specifies the course to the photo.
alt: Tells the browser what to show if the image can’t load – like a backup text for the image.

<img src="path_to_image" alt="alternate_text">

Step 2: Locate Your Image

Identify the image you want to insert and its location relative to your HTML file. The path can be absolute or relative. In this guide, we’ll use a relative path.

Step 3: Insert the Image

So, in your HTML file, you gotta find where you want your picture. Then, you use this thing called an img tag. You tell it where your picture is by setting the src to where your picture is. Like, if your picture is named ‘example.jpg’ and it’s in a folder named ‘images’ that’s in the same place as your HTML file, your code might look something like this:

<img src="images/example.jpg" alt="Example Image">

Relative Path vs. Absolute Path

When you put something in the src box, you can use a relative path or an absolute path. A relative path tells where the image is compared to the HTML file. An absolute path says exactly where the image is, no matter where the HTML file is.

Inserting Images Using Relative Paths

If you want to add a image using a relative path, just tell the HTML where the image is compared to the HTML file. Like if the image is in the same spot as your HTML, you say :<img src=”image.jpg” alt=”My Image”>. If it’s in a folder, you say <img src=”images/image.jpg” alt=”My Image”>. Be careful with paths, though. Mistakes are easy, so check them twice!

Inserting Images Using Absolute Paths

You can put images on your website using absolute paths. This is handy if the image is not in the main folder of your website. So, if you have a image named “image.jpg” in a folder called “images” at the start of your website, you can show it like this: <img src=”/images/image.jpg” alt=”My Image”>. Absolute paths also work for images on other websites, but watch out for possible issues with sharing resources between different places (CORS).

Best Practices While Inserting an Image in HTML from a Folder

When working with images, it’s recommended to use descriptive file names and provide meaningful alternative text. This not only improves accessibility but also helps with SEO. Regularly updating and optimizing your images can also improve your site’s performance and user experience.


If your image isn’t displaying as expected, commonplace issues to test for encompass wrong file paths, lacking documents, or syntax errors to your HTML. Using browser developer gear may be very helpful in diagnosing and fixing those problems.


Mastering how to Insert an Image in HTML from a Folder is a fundamental skill in web development. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you’re now equipped to enhance your websites with visual content effectively.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully know how to insert an image in HTML from a folder. Remember, the path to the image in the src attribute is crucial. If the path is incorrect, the image will not display. Always double-check your paths and ensure your image files are in the correct location.

FAQs on How to Insert an Image in Html From a Folder

Explore common questions about inserting images into HTML documents from local folders with our comprehensive FAQ guide.

The alt attribute provides alternate text for the image. If the image fails to load, the browser displays the specified alternate text instead.

es! You can add width and height attributes to the <img> tag to define the size of the image.

Save the image to a folder called ‘images’ in your project directory. If you want to insert an image into your HTML document, use a relative path.

The basic method to insert an image in HTML is by using the <img> tag. The src attribute specifies the path to the image file.

The browser looks for the image file in the same folder as the HTML file. In this case, it will search inside the ‘images’ folder and load ‘myimage.png’.

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