How to Display Hyperlinks Without an Underline

What Is Hyperlink & How To Remove Underline?

A hyperlink, or link, is a digital clickable link in a website that leads to another part of the same document or to an entirely different document, webpage, or website. It’s a fundamental tool for navigation on the web, often appearing as underlined text or an image. Typically, these links are distinguished from regular text by displaying an underscore beneath them. Nevertheless, there might be situations where it is desirable to present hyperlinks without the underscore for visual appeal or improved readability. We can use CSS in those cases to remove underline.

Using Inline CSS To Display Hyperlinks Without an Underline

You may apply styles directly to a single HTML element by using inline CSS. By setting the value if text-decoration property to none, we can create hyperlink without an underline. For reference how we set the value below is the example:

<a href=”https://www.example.com” style=”text-decoration: none;”>Example Link</a>

Using Internal or External CSS To Display Hyperlinks Without an Underline

If you want to apply this style to all hyperlinks on your webpage or website, it’s more efficient to use internal or external CSS. Here’s how you can do it:

a {
text-decoration: none;

You can include this CSS rule in a <style> tag within the <head> section of your HTML document (for internal CSS), or in a separate .css file linked to your HTML document (for external CSS).

Using Hover Effects To Display Hyperlinks Without an Underline

While removing the underline can make your hyperlinks look cleaner, it’s important to provide some visual feedback when users hover over the links. You can use the :hover pseudo-class to change the color of the hyperlink when it’s hovered over:

a:hover {
color: red;


While underlines are a common convention for hyperlinks, they’re not mandatory. With CSS, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance of your hyperlinks to suit your website’s design. Just remember to maintain good usability practices to ensure your links are still easily identifiable to users.

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